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B O D Y   P R E S E N C E

My Approach

Hello.  I am a licensed massage therapist proudly serving the Boulder and Longmont community with high quality therapeutic and relaxation massage.  Whether you are looking for Relaxation, Managing chronic pain, Addressing specific injuries or Preventative care, you have come to the right place!  Using a variety of techniques and modalities I will work with you to address your specific needs.

  We are all on our own unique healing journey in this lifetime.  We all deserve to feel wonderful in our bodies.   Unfortunately our world is stressful and we accumulate this stress in our bodies.  We feel it as aches and pains and lack of motility.  Health is not the absence of disease but of feeling joyful in your physical body. It begins with a strong honest relationship with your body.  My bodywork will help you  increase your awareness, your compassion and  your understanding of your body, all of which are the key for a solid relationship to exist.  Using an Integrative approach, I listen deeply and sensitively to your body, and intuitively adapt my touch and techniques in order to communicate with your tissues, coaxing them to open and expand allowing more space.  More space helps to reduce and eliminate muscle tension, inflammation,  pains, stiffness from the body and calm the nervous system. This allows you to experience the vitality your body naturally creates, flowing freely throughout your entire body.  So let me be your guide to building a better relationship with your body, and give yourself the gift of Body Presence
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