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  • Integrative Massage

    • A relaxing generalized full body experience from head to toe.  Using a variety of massage techniques and alternating pressures, Designed to assist your body to let go, reset, and rejuvenate.


  • Shiatsu  

    •  A Japanese form of massage that is Mat-based, Shiatsu uses light and deep pressure, kneading, and stretching in order to balance and harmonize the Qi (life-force) of the body restoring wholeness to your entire Body.


  • Deep Tissue
    • A deeper more focused massage on specific areas of your body, ranging from acute aches, past injuries, or chronic pain.  Using deep pressure, a slower approach, and your feedback, I assist you in reducing and managing your pain. .


  • Reflexology

    • Foot massage that helps your entire body relax, reset, and detoxify.  Works all areas of your body through connections in your feet.  Because even your feet need love sometimes!

  • Chair Massage/Clothed Table Massage

    • Available in 30 minute increments. Wonderful for a great pick me up, for quick relief release of stress and tension, headaches; and to work shoulder, neck, and arm tension

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